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Aces High

aces highAces High was formed to encourage and oversee the growth of Texas Holdem Poker. There is an annual subscription of $20. Texas Holdem Poker is held every Monday and Thursday at 7pm and Sunday at 2pm. Please note all registrations must be complete 5 minutes prior to the start times. Aces High help with Cossie Club Casino evenings and try for a get away weekend at a real Casino each year.

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Computer / Technology

computersThe Computer & Technology adjunct offers a forum for education and problem solving in the various forms of technical equipment we need to use these days. With streaming of TV progams, access to the world through the internet, and even access to government departments it is vital to be comfortable with technology. We provide a place where anyone can ask questions and get easy to understand answers. Our meetings are held in Meeting Room 1 on the 2nd and 4th Tuesdays of each month at 7.30pm

Cossie Riders

RidersThe executive has granted the Cossie Bike Riders Group adjunct status. The bike riders have been active for the last two years organising bike activities and recently purchased a trailer for their rides. They also participated in the recent RSA Ride Of Respect.

Craft Beer

craft beerThe Craft Beer Club conducts tastings on the last Wednesday of the month at 7.30pm in the Balcony Bar. Each night a craft beer brewery showcases and discusses their craft beers. The cost is $15 per night which includes 5 to 6 tastings plus food. The annual subscription is $15 with the first night free for new Craft Beer Club members. The Craft Beer Club also organises visits to craft beer events like Beervana, Brewday and to craft beer bars with the bus subsidised.


cricketThe Cricket Adjunct operates throughout the summer playing eight or nine matches on Sundays including the annual trip away to Havelock North. The annual subscription is $15


dartsDarts is held every Monday night at 7.30pm in the Function Room which has 12 dart boards. The Club is represented in the Chartered Clubs Saturday league. The adjunct caters for both social and serious players.

Fishing and Boating

fishingThe Fishing adjunct meets on the first Monday of every month at 7pm in the Balcony Bar. It owns two boats which are available to adjunct members on proving their capability in handling them. Subscriptions are $35 each year. Discussions and advice on safety at sea, fishing, navigation, boat handling from various individuals together with the odd competition against other Chartered Club’s members are also enjoyed.

Indoor Bowls

indoor bowlsThe Indoor Bowls adjunct meets every Tuesday at 7.15pm in the Function Room from the end of February to the beginning of October. Subscriptions are $40 that includes affiliation to the Upper Valley and NZ Federation and allows members to participate in competitions throughout the country.

Karaoke Club

karakokeThe Karaoke adjunct meets every Sunday in the Balcony Bar from 4pm. All members are welcome. We also host other clubs as well and reciprocate these visits. Current membership is approximately 80 members. Annual subscriptions $10.

Mah Jong


Tuesday 7pm, working men and women all welcome, small table prizes. Friday 12.45pm start. Sunday 2pm all welcome. Fee $5 per session, small table prizes. All levels of play, all sets supplied by the adjunct. New players will be given training and the opportunity to buy a manual. Regular afternoon teas and monthly events. An annual tournament in March known for its friendliness attracts players from far and wide.We are more focussed on giving players a good time than winning competitions. Annual subscription $15. A rapidly growing adjunct, watch for other opportunities to play in the year.


 Note: The March tournament has been cancelled and we will refund people if they send their bank account details.

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Outdoor Bowls

outdoor bowlsThe adjunct runs a number of tournaments during the year including the Hugh Wright Trophy in March and also has teams that compete in the Clubs NZ National Tournament each year both in the Men’s and Women’s events. Annual subscription is $10 and the adjunct has a current membership of appoximately 90.

8 Ball Pool

poolThe pool adjunct meets every Wednesday night with registrations taken between 6.30pm - 7pm. The adjunct plays under the NZ Chartered Clubs national rules. Monday Night from 6.30pm is open to all Club members for 8 Ball open singles at $5 entry. The annual subscription is $10.


seniorsWe have a programme of activities to keep you occupied. There is no minimum or maximum age requirement. Twice monthly trips to other Clubs to play bowls, pool, cards, or visit places of local interest are interspersed with in-house days at the Club. Bus loads arrive from other clubs to join us usually monthly. Most events occur on Wednesdays or Thursdays. In August we attend the North Island clubs sports get-together. The annual subscription is currently $15 and acitvities fees are $3.50 per day which includes a cuppa. The price of trips vary according to the destination, meals are usually included. Join us for a couple of times to see if this adjunct is for you.


snookerThe adjunct meets every Tuesday night at 7pm from February to December. There is an annual subscription of $10 and a night fee of $3. Tournaments are held throughout the year.

Social Dance

danceThe Dance adjunct meets each Wednesday night at 7pm and a dance teacher is available for the entire evening from 7pm until 10pm. We have lessons in Social Ballroom, Rock N Roll, Latin and occasionally New Vogue, Argentine Tango and a variety of other dances. Please phone and check out what is being taught at the time. Subs for a year are $15 and there is a charge of $5 each Wednesday. You may join us if you are a club member but not an adjunct member, the cost for non-members of the adjunct is $7 nightly. Social events include a monthly social dance on the last Sunday of the month, dine and dance evenings, mid-winter and xmas dances with live bands.

Sport of Kings

racingThe racing adjunct organises a number of acitvities including an in-house Club afternoon on the first Saturday of every month and trips away to race meetings.

The annual subscription is $20.


travelOnce a month during the week the adjunct makes day trips away to a number of different venues. Annual subscription is $15.

Theatre and Events

theatreThe purpose of our adjunct is to give members the opportunity of enjoying a wide range of entertainment in the form of theatre, plays, music and events both local and in the city and sometimes within the Cossie Club itself. Members attend as a group, with transport arranged which provides a safe, convenient and entertaining way to see and hear the best that Wellington show business can offer. Bulk buying by our Booking Officer often means cheaper seats, or in some instances better or preferential seating. The annual subscription is $15 and the adjunct meets in the restaurant at 7.30pm on the third Monday of each month.

Wine Club

wine tastingThe Wine Club conducts tastings the first and third Tuesdays of each month at 7pm in the Balcony Bar. Each night a winery showcases their latest releases and the winemaker discusses wine. The cost per night is $10 which incorporates up to eight tastings plus a selection of delicious cheeses. Themed events include oysters, whitebait, scallops, fish and tapa’s matched with wines and our annual Fine Dining night is outstanding. We also have regular trips away to wine festivals etc. Annual subscription is $15.